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Custom Gunite Pools

Gunite (shotcrete) is completely customizable. If you desire a specific shape, size, or depth, this is the type of pool for you. At BluFin Pools, our custom gunite pools will provide you with endless possibilities while maintaining a firm foundation. 

Gunite pools are popular due to their steel framework that is applied using a mixture of sand and concrete, allowing for duration and versatility. Because gunite provides long-lasting reliability, they can withstand loads of pressure and stress, protecting your home from property damage. 

Our gunite contractors allow for custom additions and multiple color choices allowing for a beautiful, distinguished backyard. Choose your plaster, water tile, and add a tanning ledge for your unique pool! You can also choose from any inground gunite pool shape or size you desire to fit your backyard while reducing the impact on your landscaping. 

*We apply concrete using the shotcrete method. These terms, "gunite" and "shotcrete" are commonly used interchangeably when referring to concrete pools. If you have any questions regarding our custom gunite pools, our experienced team will happily assist you.  

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