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Standard Features:

  • Variable speed pump

  • Cartridge filter paired with pre-filter

  • Chlorine Sanitation

  • 2" suction and return lines: 2 returns, 1 skimmer, and main drain

  • Paver coping, either 6x12 or 12x12

  • Hand rail

  • Pool alarm

  • Door chirps

  • 2 LED return fitting lights

  • 30-day maintenance-free package (1 clean per week for 4 weeks)

  • "Pool School": training on how to use and maintain your pool

  • Cleaning supplies: telescopic pole, leaf net, brush, vacuum head vacuum hose

Our process:

  1. Submit a "request a quote" form or give us a call using the Contact Us page.

  2. After speaking with you on the phone, we will schedule a consultation where we will further discuss your vision in more detail

  3. An estimate will be sent to you via email within a few business days.

  4. Once the estimate is accepted, we will draw up a contract

  5. Once the contract is signed, we will begin the permitting process and place you on our construction schedule.

We usually install within one hour's drive of Nashville, TN

Let us be your Nashville Pool Contractor!

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